Power! Estimator Software



Q. Do you have a free trial of your software?
A. Yes. Click this link to download a free trial of the Power! Estimator and T&M Billing software.
Also available is an online software tour you can watch. It will show you how to estimate with the Power! Estimator software.

Do you have yearly subscription fees?
A. No. Most of our competitors charge large fees for yearly subscriptions, services contracts, and maintenance agreements. They charge this year after year, even if you do not need an upgrade or support.
Jaffe Software does not have yearly subscription fees, services contracts, nor maintenance agreements. Software upgrades can be purchased at a modest cost when and if you want it.

How long has Jaffe Software been in business?
A. Development for the Power! Estimator and T&M Billing software began in 1987. We proudly released our first version in 1991. For over 30 years now, we have served electrical contractors nationwide. We have software users in all fifty states, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Bahamas.


Q. How do I keep the built-in prices up-to-date?
A. Very easily. We've built in a number of ways to keep up-to-date with electrical material pricing changes.
1) The built-in prices are easily changed individually or globally by a percentage. Consider that most electrical contractors only use 50 to 200 electrical items on a regular basis. So changing pricing manually is really very simple. A great source of current pricing, at your discount level is the invoices you receive from your electrical wholesaler. It's the most accurate source for items you use at the price you pay.
2) Our Power! Estimator software has a Quote Request feature to request pricing from your vendor.
3) Prices can easily be changed on the fly for just one estimate or invoice.
4) Prices can be updated from a computer file, if supplied by your electrical parts distributor.

How come the price of your software is so much less than those others with big price tags?
A. The answer is simple. We keep our overhead lower. This allows us to keep a lower price tag price on our software and thus put it in the hands of more electrical contractors. We do not pay commissions to sales people. We do not pay for expensive full page ads or shows. We have no middlemen to pay. Nor do we have retail overheads to pay. We keep our company operations simple and efficient. For over two decades our focus is making accurate, easy to use software that any electrical contractor can afford. Go ahead and read some reviews from our users.

Is Power! software easy to use?
A. Very easy. That's what our Power! users say. Power! for Windows® is a state-of-the-art software program.  Because it is intuitive it requires little training. Included is context-sensitive help, instruction manual, step-by-by tutorial and online commonly asked questions - technical support solutions. Even new computer users find our software easy to use. You will not find an easier to use electrical software package anywhere.