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These are unsolicited reviews from our users, in their own words ...  

"I just called to brag about your software ...  I recently estimated 7 jobs with your Power! Estimator. I won 4 of the 7 bids, for $575,000 worth of work. The first job I ever bid with your software was $419,000, and I got the job! It now takes me less than 1/2 the time to bid. Your software is just wonderful. I just sit down and its unbelievable how fast I can get a bid done.  We're having our biggest year ever thanks to your program." - James Jackson, Jackson Electric

"Power! has been my primary electrical estimating program since 1996 and I know it will keep my companies happy for many more. The user interface is friendly, easy to navigate which makes companies with estimators who have multiple duties easy to re-familiarize themselves with each time they use Power! for a perspective project. With the T&M Billing, it becomes an even more powerful tool. I recommend that anyone who might think of ordering your product use the version with T&M Billing also. I am so very thankful to have come across and been able to make Power! Estimator with T&M Billing a part of my professional choice. A very good software. " - Andy Lincoln, ACE Electrical Contracting & West Hawaii Electrical, Inc

"Recently our company purchased your competitors product. They used bad-mouthing sales tactics, which all turned out to be lies. We received the competitors product, went to do a bid on a large contract we were applying for and could not do anything with the program. It had nothing we were promised as in Invoices, Contracts, etc which we need to do bids. We were completely left in the dark and struggled to get the bid out on time. We again went back to the power estimator to use the demo and get all of the prices for this bid from Jaffe Software. I called Jaffe Software at 9:00 p.m. Texas time and left a message. I would have probably flown to pick up the software to be able to do this bid. Today after we hand wrote and prepared this I called and spoke with you and you answered the phone promptly, courteously, and very knowledgeable of the product and as to what we were needing. I know I gave you a hard time playing around however you were wonderful and we are happy to say we will now be part of the Jaffe Software family. Thanks for a great program you guys did a super job developing this. Again thanks for everything, especially for putting up with me…" - Jo Ann, Mr. Electric of League City

"I have to tell you, I am truly impressed with your software. You have, I believe, the best estimating software on the market." - Keith Edwards, Edwards Quality Electric Service

"I use your software every day. Our company did over 8 million dollars this year thanks to the Power! Estimator. I bid and won a 4.2 million dollar job and a 3.4 million dollar job using the Power! Estimator. It makes me look like a superstar." - John Trovato, United Electric Company

"I won 5 bids in one month, each over $100,000. Fantastic value!" - Ackerman Electric

Subject: Wow This is a remarkable software!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Jaffe Software,
I have used your demo, and decided to purchase it, I have went through it with our president and the software alone eliminates so many hours of work that I actually had time to estimate two projects, (WITH THE DEMO!) in the time it would take to do the take-offs of each project. (Once I updated the material pricing for major items, "It was Done!" Because the smaller items are priced very well, even the major items are priced over a little, "Better Over than Under") Taking care of job phases that our foremen will handle getting them the exact material they need, when they need it, without having material wasting money on a shelf, (Material if bought before it is needed, it is bought again when it is needed, so then you have material and time that is never regained).

Thank you for your dedication in estimating advancement! - Ray Frye, Professional Electric Service Inc.  


"I have decided to start retirement. Will, I will continue to promote your software to others. I believe it is one of the best values out there. Power is simple, straight forward and gets the job done. Since 2004 when I purchased Power at Spur Electric, we were successful using it on estimates for $1,000.00 small projects, $1,500,000 design build Generator/UPS projects, $3,000,000 Medical Office Building, $3,500,000 Central Chilling Station, $2,000,000 Semi Conductor Plant Controls to $3,000,000 Gasoline Storage/Distribution projects." - Sam King

"A month ago I bought “other software” over Jaffe. I returned it in 3 weeks and bought Jaffe. I let “other software” use the sales tactic "We are bigger so we're better than the rest." They are very wrong. Jaffe compared to “other software” is night and day. Jaffe is easier to learn and make changes if needed. The first day I prepared 3 bids and all were very competitive. (I'm waiting for two of the bids to be awarded.) The prepared contracts for Proposals, Estimates and Invoicing are excellent and very easy to customize for your company. The “other software” would provide these for additional cost. Overall I would choose Jaffe over “other software”. For small contractor's just getting started it is simply a better system. Thank you Jaffe for your excellent software." -  Brad J. Cioca, President of Cioca Electric Inc.

"I love your T & M Billing software! It has made my job 100 times easier. After my secretary left I had over 200 invoices to make up. Thanks to your software I was able to quickly get all my invoices out and pay for my new computer and your software. I found the software very easy to use even though this is the first program I've ever used." - Scott A. Rosenberg, Rodeo Electrical Services

"Power! is a great program. It was easy to use right off the bat and is much better and easier to use than those other more expensive software programs. I am amazed how accurate and easy it is." - Joe Strazza, Strazza Electric

"I received it today WOW that was fast.... THANKS I will call you I'm sure...... THANKS AGAIN. Thanks for the follow up. I purchased this from you and LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT..........Its awesome and I love taking off jobs now instead of dreading doing it.... Thanks again...... " - Mather Electric, LLC

"The owner of Pen's has asked me to check out some software for his company and after weeks of research I believe that yours is the best on the market for price and user friendliness." - Pen's Electric

"Just called to thank you for the great software I bought from you last week. I've already placed 3 bids. One has already gone to contract! Thanks again, you have a very accurate product." - Ed , Eastern Construction & Electric

"Your software is awesome. I found it very easy to use. My first estimate with Power! was $61,000 - $230 from the lowest bid! You guys are what you say are. Also, your built-in prices are very close to what I pay for parts. You guys are providing a very valuable service." - Donald Betit, Betit's Electrical Service

"I got a $35,000 estimate done in 12 minutes! The boss is doing back flips and wants a license for his computer. The software is terrific and so easy a monkey could use it."  - Stephen, Williamson Electric

"I have tried several of the estimating programs out there and I have not found one that is as easy to use as yours. On the demo alone I landed a very nice job consisting of a custom home at a total construction cost of $1.1 million. Now that's got to be pretty good software, especially if I can use it." - Mckibben Electric Company

"I downloaded your demo yesterday. Your software is one of the best I have used. It's awesome.  I used to use (other software) which was very time consuming to use and costly. I have been playing around with this demo and found it very easy to follow and customize various fields. I did a takeoff I thought would take 1 1/2 hours. Its only took me 20 minutes. The bid was within $200 on a $8000 job! And that was with just the demo! I would like to purchase this product. Please contact me." - Kevin F. Cocchiola, K & L Electric, LLC

"You  have a great system for a small contractor. It's simple, it's perfect, it does what I need it to do. I'm very happy and never had a glitch." - Jeff Mahlkuch, Mahlkuch Electric

"I tried 6 different electrical estimating programs. Your software is by far the easiest and most reasonably priced. Using your software, I came within $60 of a $594,000 bid that took me 16 hours to manually estimate. With your software it took me only 1 1/2 hours! I was even sleepy at the time. You have very accurate software." - Philip Locke, Advantage Electric, Inc.

"I like your software so much I don't want my competition to know what I am using." - Anonymous

"This software makes me the most money of any tool I have.  Of any piece of equipment I've ever bought, your software gives me the greatest time savings and return for my money." - Jeff from Santa Rosa

"I'd like to place an order ... I estimated a $53,000 job and won the bid, with your free trial demo! My customer said I did such a thorough job estimating he gave me the job, even though I was not the lowest bid. " - Walter Gilliam, Advanced Wiring Services

We received this from Mike in December of 2002:
"I got a lot jobs and made a lot of money with your software. I used to have (other software). (Other software) was real hard to use. I am sold on your software. It's really easy to use. I highly recommend it to any one. I can see what I am doing money wise with your accounts receivable.  From estimates to proposals is just great. I really like having it on my laptop and can give invoices right on the job, which impresses my customers. It's working real well." - Mike Daigneault, Williamsburg Electrical Service

Here's a follow up from Mike, in February of 2007:
"I stared my Electrical Contracting business approx. 5 years ago. One of the first investments I made was to purchase the Power Estimating and T&M programs. It is very user friendly, simple to use and is a great part of my success. My business continues to grow, and last year we did 1.3million. Thanks Jaffe Software!!" - Mike Daigneault, Williamsburg Electrical Service

"I rely on Power! I am lost without it" - Mike Short Electric

"Your Proposal/Contract saved my butt! When my client (a lawyer) refused to pay, I stopped work and took him to court. My lawyer said your Proposal/Contract is so clear that no doubt arose in court as to my right to stop work due to lack of payment. The judge awarded me all my money, plus court fees!" - Paul, Bettencourt Electrical

"With Power! I spend less time with paper work and more time making money." - Rick Link, Link Electric

"The system looks great. It is designed in the same fashion I do my manual takeoffs in. Just a quick walk through and I was sold." - C & T Electric

"Saving me a lot of time. I can't believe how easy it is to use." - Gunther Electric

"I'm very impressed with your software. I like the estimating and proposal. It's intuitive and real easy to use. The help menu is excellent. Before buying your software, I made a very big mistake and purchased a competitors software. Their estimating program is terrible. The makers are ...(other company). The program is ... (other program). I've been kicking myself for buying ...(other program). The other program cost me $3000 and I hate the  ...(other program). Every time I called them for support I got put on a list for call back. They didn't always call me back. Once I bought the other software from the salesman they didn't seem to know who I was anymore. Every time I've called you, I get a helpful, technical person right away." - Northern Lights Electric LLC

"Proposals look great. I like the setup." - Mendez Electric

"I am very satisfied with your customer support." - John Schwab, Enterprise Electric Services

"I have evaluated seven other estimating programs this week and Power! wins hands down. There is absolutely no comparison in my book. My brother-in-law and cousin are also Electricians and came to see what I was raving about and were both highly impressed with Power! I used the program to set up and price a job that I was bidding against three other very well established businesses in my area and was awarded the job! The ability to adjust material markup, time loss, overhead and profit margin on one simple to understand summary is awesome! Creating assemblies is my favorite, making receptacle and lighting and switching separation is incredible. All the features of the program are totally phenomenal." - Freedom Electrical Services

"I know I made the right decision with Jaffe Software, from the day I purchased Power, the years of development along with the integrity and simplicity have made estimating no longer a boring task." - Rod Pierson, Pierson's Electrical

"I recently bought your software and already got 16 jobs.  It paid for itself on the first job which got me into a great T&M billing job, which I still get work from. I've tried many other programs and like yours the best. The real beauty is the billing. I am doing 1/2 million a year.  I can now do my estimating and invoicing faster than any other administrative job. I really believe this is the best program available. In 15 minutes I can have a $15k job done.  I love it." - Adtech Electric

"Very impressed with the program, just what I was looking for." - Duffy Sharp, Estimator

"Those other expensive programs have nothing on you guys." - Sparks Electric

"Your software is a great guideline. It works real well. Your competitor tried to get us to switch, but no way. I'm staying with your software because it works great. Seems like with my estimates I come right in there with the price. In fact, I just won a fire station, by $300, for a $164,000 job using your estimator software! I also like the billing for generating job invoices." Brad, Crawford Electric

"One ideal system, can't believe the time it saves us. Best invoicing around." - Milligan Electric

"I'm astounded how easy it is to use. I feel comfortable with it." - Roberts Electric

"I live by this program. It has made me so much money. The software is incredible. You guys are great. I love your software." - Bruce Walker Electric

"I am very computer stupid, but this program is easy!" - Wehrman Electric

"I have viewed the program and think it is wonderful! It would definitely make my job so much easier."  EMS Electrical Contracting, Inc.


"I really like your estimating package." - Sun Electric

"Thank you for building this software, it's a great asset to my company." - Engelbach Electrical Services

"I tried out the software and thought the T&M Billing was excellent. It would be a wonderful replacement for my homemade MS Works spreadsheet invoice. But anyhow, again the software is top notch. I would have to assume you are/or were an electrical contractor or had a hell of a consultant." - American Electric Service

"I want to commend you on a great software package." - Steve-O Electric

"I was very impressed with the demo and once my business gets going I would be interested in purchasing your software." - ACK Electric

"I like your program. I have looked at quite a few, and yours has a price/performance ratio that can't be beat." - Tri-County Power

"Your software is very nice, excellent software." - Poscon Electric

"We love the software. We do all our bidding with it. It's working fantastic!" - Ronco Electric

"Yes it works great. It's very user friendly and it takes the fear factor out of proposals and bids." - Aaron Electric

"I just won a $618,000 bid by $2000. I've had the program less than a month!" - A-1 Electric

"Very user friendly." - Current Electric

"Excellent software." - JC Electric

"I love the heck out of your program", - Mesa Electric

"Yes, I have used your system and was low bid on a local mall job. Your software estimated the project $2000 higher than my own quote so I used your price and was low bid by $400. Your system increased my profit by $1600!" - Advanced Electric and Communications Inc.

"I would be lost without Power! Estimator!!! In April of 1999 my father suffered a massive stroke and with my mothers consent I took over the family business. There was only one problem, my father was 69 years old, semi-retired, and only had a few hand picked customers he chose to do business with. Okay for pops maybe, but NOT okay for me!!! I had heard about estimating programs and how much faster one could bid a job by using these types of programs. So I asked mom to start looking and I had to learn to use a computer ..... Quickly!!  When mom presented her findings, I was taken back by the enormous cost of trying to stay competitive in today's electrical contracting industry. Out of all the different software companies we looked at,  Jaffe Software's Power! Estimator and T&M Billing stood out from the rest. Cost was a major and we were on a tight budget. In 1999 when I stepped into my fathers shoes it was overwhelming, writing invoices by hand, keeping track of receivables, past due accounts etc..., and let's not forget estimating a job. I am here today writing this letter to say thank you to Jaffe Software and to let all of you Licensed C-10 contractors know that if you don't have this software you are loosing business and probably like working weekends too. The only reason I work weekends is I cannot say no to time and a half and double time. By March of 2000 we had purchased  Jaffe Software's Power! Estimator and T&M Billing package. By October of 2000 I was awarded a contract for almost twenty thousand dollars, at that point in time this was a huge victory for my business and my first contract without any guidance from father ... (he passed away in Aug). Business has been non stop ever since. I took this business from nothing in 1999, using Power Estimator & T&M Billing, with a lot of back breaking work and turned it around into something I think my father would have been proud of.  In the month of Dec. 2001 my company grossed almost $150,000.00. This software has everything I need to operate my company and make a fair profit. The thing I like most about it is you can taylor it to suit your specific needs. I depend on this software and my laptop. In my work truck I have my laptop and printer setup so I can bid on site, I do my estimating right there and in a few minutes I'm printing out a proposal (depending on job size). I went to Encino about a month ago to give an estimate on some recessed lighting. After I walked through the house with the home owner I said I'll be back in a few minutes with your proposal. He looked at me kinda funny. About half way through the estimate he comes out to my truck, looks in my window and says, what are you doing?? I'm estimating the cost of your job and then I'll make a proposal for you and if you like my numbers, sign my contract and I'll be back on Thursday to start the work. The only thing that came out of his mouth was "I'm Impressed, I am impressed!!!" I have returned to his home three times since. This is just one thing that stands out in my mind, but there have been numerous occasions. Purchasing Power Estimator was the best move I've ever made for my business. I'm not saying this program is going to magically turn your company into an overnight success but it sure will make it a lot easier.  Thank you." - Bruce Walker, Bruce Walker Electric

"I am enjoying your T & M program it's great. Love it." - Sheldon Casey, Excel Electrical Services Canada

"I recently bid a very large project manually.  I had to call my vendor repeatedly over the 16 hours I spent on this take off to verify material pricing.  The morning the bids were due in, I was going over the binder of data that I had compiled and was attempting to recheck my rechecking.  I hadn't slept at all as I was putting the finishing touches on my take off and proposal.  I was frustrated with the amount of time it took me to do these take offs, so I decided to try out some software to check my numbers again.  I down loaded the Power! demo and in a matter of 45 minutes I had entered all my data and had a number that was within $60.00 of my manual take off price.  I think its important to mention that my selling price was $194, 594.00 and the Power! number was $194,654.00.  I was not awarded the contract but my price was within $3,000.00 of the price that did.  I purchased the software and have been using it with much success.
 I tried many of the other estimating software packages that are out there, some costing as much as $8,000.00.  I have found Power! to be the biggest bang for my small business buck.  Power! is by far easier to use and is far less complex.  The customer support is great. If I have a question I call and get  the answers I need.  I look forward to any new software by Jaffe.  Thank you. I wont miss those sleepless nights." - Philip Locke, President, Advantage Electric, Inc.

"I Love the software. It Helps me out tremendously and cuts my time in half." - Stephen McDonald, McDonald Electric

"I have not found any other software that is as easy or complete as Power! You guys have a great product." - Steven Gobat, D&T Mechanical & Electric

"I just wanted to take the time to say thanks for the great program, I think it may be one of the best values on the market. It allows me the flexibility to customize the database prices which then updates the price in my current estimate. Integrates with QuickBooks and is so user friendly I barely had to open the manual to learn how to use it. My business is new this year and doing quite well and I know that Power! is one of the reasons." - Jeremy Swanson, Lazer Electric

"Your software is great! We've won lots of jobs with your estimating software. We won a $150,000 restaurant job that took my partner 20 hours to estimate by hand. Using the Power! Estimator, I bid the same job in 3 hours and was within a couple thousand of his bid. It's ridiculous bidding longhand because there is too much room for error and it takes too long. We both now estimate with your software and continue to win more bids. Your software is dummy proof and very easy to adjust. I'm a big believer. When we compared other over-priced software that costs $5,000, with yours - your software won us over. Your software has more than paid for itself in just a few months." - Christopher Eyer, Big Sky Electrical Construction, Inc

"I recently estimated, and won a $40,000 bid on a  new custom home, using your software. We love it. It's real easy, very user friendly program. We've been in business since April and we get 75% of the jobs we estimate. It's been phenomenal." - Alliance Electrical Contractors

"Your software has been very helpful and the prices are accurate. It is very simple to use, even for a computer dummy like me."  - Mark Rasimowicz, M-Raz Electric

"Your software has been flawless.  It saves me a lot of time," - Tony Glenn, Glenn's Electric

"The software works great. I've used it since day one I started my business. Using the estimate and quotes we've gotten a lot of jobs and made lots of money. I'm tickled pink. If you got something that works stay with it and this software works great." - Jimmy Dix, Eagle Eye Electrical

"We love the software!" - National Electrical Systems

"You've made excellent software. I've made a lot of money using it. I am able to be very competitive. It gives me my hours and materials so I know where I am high or low," - Scott Mckibben Electric Co.

"You won't believe how much time your software is saving us. We just won a bid on a large commercial building using your Power! Estimator. I am confident we will win the job I am bidding next week." - Wernsman Electric Company

"I want to thank you again for a great product, I am very pleased with the results I have received using the program. I have a friend who still estimates by hand and have been bragging about your software - hopefully he will see the light." - Lazer Electric

"You have a good program. This bidding program is saving us a fortune, I used to bid by hand. Now I do it on the computer. We're making 40% more because our estimates are now in line with reality. Your numbers are right on the money." - Jeff Roberts, RMS Electric

"I'm sending some feedback of your electrical estimating software. I've taken the online tour and I really like the way the software is so user friendly, compared to some I've used in the past it is great... so I'm looking for a good cost effective, easy to use software that I can add to as my business grows more, I feel it is this software, thank you." - Wilde Electric

"Estimator is working fine. I already landed a few jobs.  I now stay current with invoices because I'm eager to use the software. It's working fine." - D F McDermott

 "I enjoy the program. It's darn easy to use and cost less than your competitors inferior program. I did a $250,000 bid and it was right on. I won the bid and made a real good profit from that job. I also did a $125,000 job and another $250,000 and all came right on. Your software is very accurate."  - Brock Miller, Pro Line Electric

"The estimating software is working great. We bid 6 jobs and won 2.  We got the very first bid we estimated, on a $70,000 job. It came within $3000 of the next bidder. The one's we lost were very close. Who knows maybe the other estimator forgot something in his bid. This is the first estimating software our estimator has used. It's simple enough for a new estimator to implement." - KM Electric

"I'd like to place an order. I played with your software demo for 2 months and found it the best of all I tried." - Harrington Home Systems

"We love the software.  Sales have increased since we bought the software. We are more accurate on our bids now!" - Leonard Silvaggio, Wireworks LLC

"I own an IT consulting business. Anyway, I think your software is AWESOME! Great for labor and parts estimates!!!" - Steve Baker, LSB Computer Services Inc.

"Your program has helped me a lot in saving time. No more pencils and erasers." - Darrell Sweeney, Sweeney Electrical Company

 "I've downloaded your demo. WOW!!! I'm sold! I have used tons of other estimating programs working for other contractors and dang near pulled my hair out bidding jobs. You guys did good! I will be making purchases in the near future and I guarantee your software will help me bid my first job. Please let me know of any updates or new programs you come up with. You guys did an excellent job! Thanks" - Shane, Hill HEC Technology

"Hello my name is Matt. I have had a chance to use your demo and found it very easy to use the program. As of right now I am not ready to purchase the software but I will be in the very near future. I am just now starting my own contracting business and I will definitely be using your program to bid my work and using the T&M to send out my bills. I will be in contact with you as soon as I am ready to purchase. Thank you for letting me use the demo. It has been a pleasure to use. Thank you." - Matt Wilcher

"I wanted to let you know what I am sure that you already know. GREAT PRODUCT!. I have been using estimating programs for over 20 years, all of which much more expensive than yours. Easy to use and tailor to our operating needs. Well done!" - Randy Ryan, Tony Houff Electrical

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