Power! Estimator Software

Power! Network Add-On Features

  Power! Network CD
Power! Networking Network setup Add-On creates shortcuts to server and installs support files. Includes instructions for Network Add-On installation, use and limitations. For wired LAN only.
Power! Networking Invoice and Proposal numbers synchronize across the network.
Power! Networking Estimate, Invoice and Proposal files can be shared across the network. It is recommended for users to take turns when working with the same file. Users are notified if they try to open a file already in use on the network.
Power! Networking Three data base files are installed onto a common server for sharing across network. Synchronization of the three data base files is assisted by use of the Network Notification feature. It is recommended for users to take turns changing, saving and replacing data base files.
Power! Networking Permissions can be set for saving of the 3 data base files. This will insure that less experienced users can not save changes to the network server data base file.   
Power! Networking Notification feature notifies users on network if someone on network has saved a data base file – then prompts user to replace their copy of the data base for synchronization.
Power! Networking Network File button flashes when someone on the network has saved a data base file. User can click the button to replace their copy of the data base with the newer one.
Power! Networking User is warned if they try to save an older data base to network server.