Power! Estimator Software

Our Innovative Electrical Assemblies Enable You To Estimate Up To Ten Times Faster!

Electrical Estimating Software
Up to 10 times faster than manual estimating. You tell the Power! Estimator what you want and it will pull up an accurate, complete list of priced materials and labor, intelligently adding in needed fittings, straps, wire, conduit, etc.  
Create, save and use unlimited electrical assemblies! Assign any quantity to each fully adjustable assembly. Automatically generates materials with little user input.
Need to switch between conduit types and wire sizes? Instantly switch between wiring methods and wire sizes. Easily perform what-if scenarios for different materials.
Estimate Wire & Conduit in a flash. Material lookup is automatic. Materials and quantities are easily changed.
Creates Feeders in seconds. Conduit is sized automatically.
Automatically adds in wire and conduit, box, plate, breaker and fittings for Receptacles, Switches, Fixtures and Circuits!
Create unlimited Custom Assemblies. Labor and material are easily adjusted right in the window.
Quote a Main Service in seconds! Parts and quantities are automatic and are easily changed to fit local building codes.