Power! Estimator Software


  Power!™ Software for Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista and earlier
Electrical Estimating Software Power! Estimator™ $999.00
  Very fast, easy-to-use electrical estimating software with intelligent assembly estimating, itemized electrical estimating, proposal/contracts, bid summary, labor hour units, purchase orders, work orders, quote requests, part lists, job phasing, estimate reports, optional Scalex PlanWheel™ and more...
Electrical Billing Software Power! Time & Material Billing™ $799.00
  QuicQuick and easy electrical invoicing, accounts receivable, statements, job history, customer/vendor address book, change orders, aging reports, customer reports, sales tax payable reports, job reports, links to QuickBooks Pro® , Peachtree® Accounting, Microsoft Excel® and more...
Electrical Material Pricing Software Power! Electrical Material Data Base™ (not sold separately)
  Included in all our electrical software products. Comprehensive electrical parts list includes realistic pricing, labor hour units, easy-search, generic descriptions, easy-to-adjust pricing, expandable, and more...
Electrical Estimating And Billing Software Integrated Power! Estimator and Time & Material Billing™ $1198.00
Special limited time offer, save $600
  Our integrated software includes all the above software features in one fully integrated easy-to-use software package! Combines electrical estimating software with electrical invoicing and electrical material pricing.
Power! Network CD Electrical Estimating And Billing Software Power! Network Add-On™ $598.00 for up to 3 computers, $1099 for up to 7 computers
Our Network Add-on adds networking features and licensing for your office network. Original license is converted to network license.
Scalex PlanWheel For Electrical Estimating Scalex PlanWheel™ with Computer Interface USB PlanWheel™ - $199.00
  Take-off footage and counts from scaled blue prints and input the results into the Power! Estimator™ electrical estimating software.
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