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"Tweak" Your Estimates For Winning Bids With Our Full Featured Bid Summary

Electrical Estimating Software
Easily adjust all job charges with our full featured Bid Summary. Changing any part of your estimate will automatically update all material, labor and profit extensions - no more math!
Do your customers request job changes? Change any job charge and get an instant update.  
Make more money! Ever wonder if a job is worth doing? If you will make a profit? Our Profit Summary will show you the answer.
Need selling prices based on different phases of the job? Just click a button to create a Job Phase Summary showing separate selling price and complete breakdown for any phase of the job.
Automatically calculates Man Hours, Man Days and Man Weeks for any job. Allocate labor between Owner, Foreman, Apprentice, Journeyman, etc.
Each estimate has a Work Order / Job Information window.