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Communication is via Email only. Requesting a phone call will inhibit an answer.

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All conditions to receive a support reply must be complied, as listed below.

All of the answers to your questions are found in the User Manual, Power! Help or HERE.
Please carefully read and understand support terms:
●  Support is given only by email, only to the original purchaser of Power! software.
●  Support is given only for Power! v9.9.1 for a maximum of 90 days from date of purchase.
●  Support is NOT given to any 3rd parties, consultants, employees, partners, or relatives!
●  Support is NOT given for other software, Windows OS, Networks, Tra-Ser, Quick Books, files nor hardware.

●  Support is NOT given for registration, combination codes nor passwords. Click for info.

●  Password and software are issued only once and can not be replaced. Do not lose product.
●  To replace password or software requires purchase of an upgrade.
●  Upgrade/replacements can be purchased here: Purchase Upgrade

●  Please carefully type a clear, detailed description of your question.

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